Paper Box Making Machine

Paper Box Making Machine

Automatic High Speed Tissue Paper Making Machine Model SET2410

A. Technical parameter:

1. Raw material: recycled paper,wood pulp

2.Output paperHigh-grade tissue paper

3.paper weight: 15-22g/m2

4.Net paper width: 2400mm

5. width of cylinder mold: 2950mm

6.Capacity: 10 T/D

7.Working speed: 150-180m/min

8.Design speed:200m/min

9.Rail gauge: 3400mm

10.Drive way: Alternating current ,frequency converter, speed control, section drive. 

B.Structure and characteristics:

1. Cylinder section: Φ1800mm×2950mm stainless-steel plate cylinder mould 1set. Φ600mm×2950mmcouch roll 1 set, coated by rubber,rubber shore hardness 38℃±2.

2. Dryer section: Φ3000mm×2950mm alloy cylinder 1 set, with double-deck breath exhaust  hood,Φ600mm×2950mm touch roll 1 set, Coated rubber shore hardness 95℃±2, pneumatic pressurizing device, with pneumatic blade 2 sets.

3. Winding section: Φ1000mm×2950mm sweat cylinder 1set ,winding paper on sweat cylinder.

4. Drive & Control section: A/C inverter speed control, section drive.

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